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Aerospace, the most demanding engineering discipline at all, requires extreme standards on safety and failure. In no other field research activities are bundled as in this high-tech sector. New knowledge for the industry, with essential meaning for future and present, come often out of the base forge of the aerospace industry. For your future innovations we do research and develop on your side at a reasonable price with professional competence. Our experiences and capacities meet the standards for design and series in the civil and military industry. We are familiar with processes, methods, tools and data within a multidisciplinary structure analysis environment. Our way of working is trimmed on a zero mistake tolerance or zero ppm, so that we can assist or take over extensive development projects with high standards.

Areas of application:

  • Feasibility studies/concept analysis
  • Development/construction
  • Modeling, calculation and simulation
  • Flow and thermal simulations
  • Simulation of the luggage logistics for airports
  • Lighting simulation
  • Interpretation and calculation of structural components (metal, metal foam and Composites)
  • Measuring technology
  • Flight simulator themes
  • Software development of security-critical duties
  • Cabin equipment
  • Cargo hold equipment
  • Project and product documentations
Modernes Flugzeug

Vehicle technology

In automotive engineering we are committed to design, pre-development, development and production support of commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Front Loading up series we analyze dynamic issues in individual or global systems from single component, partial or total system considerations under the influence of real load cases.

PKW MBS Modell

We model, calculate, simulate and interpret behavior of complete vehicle models in MKS and FEM. These models are developed by us, tested and conditioned so that ultimately upcoming virtual analyzes can be carried out successfully.Particularly vehicle models require important idealizations in their subsystems such as the engine, drive train, DMF, gearbox, clutch, suspension, tires, and road springs and dampers. With the mobilization, deepening and integration of such subsystems we follow the analytic claim and the economic efficiency of the time involved. A theme out from many others, the process is, for example, up run with subsequent order and transfer path analysis. The depth of the experience with this subject, gives us the ability to influence orders in a kind which corresponds to the reality.

LKW MBS Modell
The following topics are our focus:
  • Driving dynamics
  • Ride comfort
  • Drive train dynamics
  • NVH transfer path analysis
  • Crash
  • Load changes
  • Up Run, Run Down
  • Agility
  • Tip-in, back-out
  • Engage/disengage
  • Order traking and order modulations
  • Braking dynamics
  • Co simulations
  • Test rig analysis
  • Bad road simulation
  • Active/Passive safety
  • Structural and vibration analysis
  • Durability
  • Hybrid vehicle structures

Mechanical engineering

  • Development, calculation, engineering, construction
  • Dynamic investigations with all current multi-body system calculation tools
  • Determination of structural strength
  • Vibration analysis and optimization of components and structures
  • CFD calculations in the field of flow optimization
  • NVH
connecting rod star engine
Mechanical and plant engineering is an important industrial sector outside the automotive industry Prerequisite for continued sales of products are permanent improvements or completely new developments. Get through us a technological edge over competitors through innovation towards new advanced technologies away from outdated product situations. A company is not only dependent on countless programs to improve efficiency, but also from the realization of visions and ideas. We have motivated and experienced development engineers who carry out the analysis of dynamic processes. We simulate and optimize to facilitate your global competitive pressure for you. We find the solution that you need. Our engineers assist you with our whole and latest know-how.

Wind power

The coupled structure of standard wind turbines are subjected in operation heavy load changes. The complete wind turbine is subjected by us to extensive design criteria, in order to achieve high reliability. These include virtual tests under operating conditions with MKS and FEM. Winds, turbulences or aero elastic events are considered in detail to get a stiffened wing structure with well dynamic behaviour. We are specialised, to calculate such high-tech tasks. Besides MKS and FEM we also accept critical flow tasks and NVH analysis. We analyze the complete drivetrain dynamics as well as standard tasks. Rotor and drive train design, as well as peripheral control and regulation of the entire wind turbine system and, not least, the tower design are our recognized topics.
Our service:
  • Concept evaluation, front loading
  • Analysis, consulting, design and engineering (CAD)
  • Static and dynamic calculation and simulation with MBS/FEM
  • Fatigue tests
  • Programming
  • Documentation