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Finite element method FEM

The approach to treat problems of elasticity theory with numerical methods was pioneering and led to the method of finite elements. This method requires a structural change to a network of simple geometric surfaces or objects. Nowadays, the idealization of structures is taken over from generators, by which the main work is made easier. Therefore an algebraic matrix with millions unknowns is computable within a short time.

Applications can be found in all industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, engineering, shipbuilding, offshore, plastic processing and medical engineering. The method established to an essential tool for construction and development. In addition subjects like design, safety and optimization flow simulations are come increasingly to foreground. Besides linear calculations, we offer special solutions of nonlinear topics with large displacements, bending, deformations and contacts.

Sustainable means here:

  • Shorter development times
  • Lower production costs
  • Reduction of the change effort
  • Increase in innovative
  • Higher quality
  • Rapid response to stricter guidelines
  • Untimely and accompanying application of FEM